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Connection Meeting

How We Will Collaborate Together

Whenever we work together, we are working for the common goal of helping you to help your cat. I don’t fix or force things - I will hear you out and help you to identify what your cat may be asking of you or needing from you. Sometimes your cat (or you) might have a need that cannot be realistically met. Some people might have unattainable expectations of their cat or about a particular situation. I can help you to look at things from your cat’s individual perspective and I can help you to see the big picture. The changes that need to be implemented will be up to you!


Our time together will be short and sweet, since I have learned that learning things in “bite sized pieces” typically works best for most people. My goal is to hear you, understand you, and then help you to hear and understand your cat. I won’t give you a ton of homework, but I will offer you resources and a fresh perspective on your particular challenges and concerns. 


Sometimes you just need to be heard. Sometimes you just need some validation. Sometimes you just want to know that you are not alone. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. If you are ready to get out of your head and ditch what hasn’t worked for you and your cat, then I will help you to shift the energy in your home however will be best for you and your cat(s). If you are ready to shift the energy, then I invite you to book your first session with me and let’s get started!


To all of my learners, I promise that I will be candid with you about whether I feel that I am a good fit for your needs. I will not waste your time if we do not seem to be on the same page with energy and/or goals. I respect your time and I trust that you will respect mine. I trust that if you are here and you feel ready to meet with me, then you are here at the right time and energetic place to co-create some energy shifting for you and your cat(s). Let’s vibe!

- Connection Meeting -

Our first meeting together will be about 45 minutes. We will get centered, set an intention, and then I will ask you to tell me about your needs. You will provide me with some background information and provide any relevant medical and behavioral info and diagnoses pertaining to your cat/s. 


I will give you one or more tasks to accomplish during the week, and I will need you to keep me updated about how things are progressing. I will need you to check in with me at least 2 times within the week that we meet. 


My philosophy is that it’s not just about your cat/s. YOU are the one who can make the difference with shifting energy in your home and life. We may discuss ways to help you get your own unique human needs met, on top of what your cat needs. I am not just your cat’s advocate - I am yours, as well.


If you are satisfied with the transformation you have accomplished within the first week, then we will consider our current work together to be complete. You can always come back when you need more guidance, and I will always welcome updates!


- Mini Meet -

If there is more work to be done after the first week of the Connection Meeting, then I will invite you to meet again with me during a Mini Meet. It is always your choice! All mini meetings will be about 30 minutes. If you desire to meet for 45 minutes, then you may request this with me and I will adjust the rate accordingly. We may continue to meet for as long as we are achieving positive momentum, and as long as we both feel it is beneficial to the process. 

Let's Meet!

Connection Meeting - no stars.png

Connection Meeting - $111

Meet for 45 minutes

Discuss actions to complete

Two updates during the week

Relevant resources

Paw in hand.png

Mini Meet - $66

Meet for 30 minutes

Discuss any actions to complete

1-2 updates during the week

Relevant resources

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