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Confidence Coaching for fearful cats/kittens

All sessions are done virtually because fearful cats and kittens are typically much more comfortable with their current caregivers than they are with a stranger coming into their territory and trying to work with them infrequently.

Intro Session - $175

All new clients start with an intro session. Sessions will take place via Zoom (a free video call platform). This will take 60-90 minutes and we will discuss your cat/kitten's background. You will also take me on a virtual tour of your home so that I can get a visual understanding of your cat's in-home territory. All clients will receive a typed plan post-session and may receive handouts relevant to their cat's behavioral needs. We will discuss training tools and get prepared for working together on a weekly basis. 


Weekly Coaching Calls - $75

Clients with fearful cats or kittens will need to commit to weekly coaching sessions with me, due to the importance of being highly consistent in the routine, training, and trust building activities between caregiver and cat. In order to achieve significant progress, fearful kitties must receive regular confidence training (daily, whenever possible); and YOU will need regular coaching from me. This type of training requires a high level of communication between coach and client. Thus, I only work on 1-2 of these cases at one time, as I am often in communication with such clients daily (through WhatsApp) - see below). All clients must be willing to update me throughout the week and send me at least 1-2 video updates so that I can see how the training is progressing. This helps me to be prepared to give you next steps during our next call.

Our weekly coaching call will take place at roughly the same day/time each week. This helps to establish a consistent routine for all. During this call, you will update me on how the week has been going and discuss any progress or concerns you may have. All calls must take place in-home so that you are available to train with your cat/kitten. Sometimes I will show you a training step with one of my own cats, to help clarify things in a visual way. Calls will usually take about 30 minutes, but may go a little shorter or longer, depending on the step we are covering together.


I communicate with all of my clients via WhatsApp, which is a free phone app that is also available to install on your computer. We can voice message, send videos, text messages, and documents all through this platform. I find it so much more useful than regular texting and email, so this is how we will communicate together in between sessions.  All of our communication via WhatsApp is included with our weekly calls. Whenever we are actively working together on coaching calls, all communication in between is included at no additional charge.

Follow Up Sessions 

Whenever you need some additional help or training steps, we will schedule a time to meet virtually. These sessions are billed at a rate of $150/hour. Most of the time we will not need an entire hour to accomplish what we need to discuss, so I just charge on a per minute basis. 

Ready to Get Started?

Please send me an email by using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or email me directly at Once I understand what type of help you are requesting, I typically begin by scheduling a brief phone conversation so that I can make sure I am equipped to help you with your cat(s) and their needs.

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