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Behavior Coaching & Training

At this time, I am in favor of virtual sessions and not offering in-person sessions to most people; it will depend upon the individual situation, and we can discuss if that is your interest.

Intro Session - $175

All new clients start with an intro session over Zoom. This will take 60-90 minutes and we will discuss your cat's unique background. During this first session we discuss your goals for your cat. You will also take me on a virtual tour of your home so that I can get a visual understanding of your cat's in-home territory. All clients will receive a typed plan post-session and may receive handouts relevant to their cat's behavioral needs. 


I communicate with all of my clients via WhatsApp, which is a free phone app that is also available to install on your computer. We can voice message, send videos, text messages, and documents all through this platform. I find it so much more useful than regular texting and email, so this is how we will communicate together in between sessions. There is no charge for communication via WhatsApp, as long as communication is limited to what we have discussed already in a live session. If I feel that you are in need of additional help, or if client communication needs become excessive (at my discretion), then I will require that we schedule a follow up session to discuss the needs at hand and reassess goals.

Follow Up Sessions 

Whenever you need some additional help or training steps, we will schedule a time to meet virtually. These sessions are billed at a rate of $150/hour. Most of the time we will not need an entire hour to accomplish what we need to discuss, so I just charge on a per minute basis. 

Ready to Get Started?

Please send me an email by using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or email me directly at Once I understand what type of help you are requesting, I typically begin by scheduling a brief phone conversation so that I can make sure I am equipped to help you with your cat(s) and their needs.

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