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Kindred coaching

When we make a commitment to work together, that is exactly what we're doing - working together. Your success depends on keeping your head in the game and being in weekly communication with me. That is why I have developed this coaching program. Shifting behavior is not just about training or adding something into the environment. My goal is for you and your cat(s) to experience transformation together. This looks different for every cat and every human, but the overarching goal is always the same: 

Every cat and every human deserves to THRIVE.

When I make a commitment to be your coach, you are making a commitment to be coachable. We begin by discussing your goals, then I help break them down into bite-sized, manageable pieces. Because transformation cannot be achieved in just one session, we work together for an initial four week period, and then we evaluate all progress and decide together whether there is more shifting that needs to be achieved. This is entirely up to you and your goals for your cat(s), but I will provide you with my honest feedback so that you can be the best possible advocate for your kitty household. Once we reach the end of the 4 week period, you have the option to shift our coaching agreement to a weekly or monthly basis.

The Structure

We commit to working together for four weeks to kick things off. This will give both of us a great sense of your goals, needs, and learning style. Our very first call together will be about 1 hour, to account for a virtual tour of your home, background information, and a goal meeting. Each week thereafter you will enjoy a scheduled virtual (or phone) coaching call for up to 30 minutes. Included in this first month is as much text, video, photo, and/or voice messaging as you need for me to help clarify any part of the process or review your progress with your cat(s). I do my best to answer all communication within 24 hours. 

Once we reach the end of our 4 week coaching commitment, you have the option to continue the coaching process on a per weekly or per monthly basis. Simply stay in communication with me and we will figure out what best suits your needs! You are the captain of your ship and as such, it is up to you to decide when you have reached your goals for yourself and your cat(s), and when our time together has come full circle. 

Getting Started

Once you have decided that you would love to work with me, your first step is to send me an email to give me a brief summary of why you would like to work with me. If I feel that you are a good candidate for my program, we will schedule a 10 minute introductory phone call so that I can get to know you better. Once I can determine that we are a good fit for working together, I will send you a link to a behavior questionnaire, along with more information about my coaching program. 


Once we have established a commitment to working together, your initial 4 weeks of coaching will be a total of $300. Once the full amount is processed, we will then set up our initial coaching call and goal meeting. Within 48 hours of our initial call together, I will send you a shared folder via Google Drive with resources and handouts. You will also receive a written custom coaching plan.


After the initial 4 week coaching period, you may renew our time together on a weekly or monthly basis. Clients who choose each additional week of coaching support will enjoy a scheduled 30 minute virtual (or by phone) coaching call, plus communication (text/photo/video/voice messaging) via WhatsApp for 7 days, starting on the day of our coaching call. All payments must be submitted prior to scheduling our coaching call. 

Weekly Coaching - $75

​-One scheduled coaching call, up to 30 minutes

-7 days of support via WhatsApp 

-Payments can be scheduled on a recurring basis, for your convenience

I accept payment via Venmo, Visa, and Mastercard. All payments are made through Shopify.

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