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Foster Coaching

Fostering cats is my passion and my purpose. My dream is to have a house where I can rehabilitate cats and kittens by working on trust, boosting confidence, and  training. I truly believe that most cats are misunderstood by their human caregivers and I can help to bridge the misunderstandings by coaching caregivers to alter the cat's environment, establish an effective routine, and create a communication system between cat and human.

Here are some common ways I can help cats in foster homes:​

  • Increase adoptability by coaching fosters to train with cats to approach people

  • Increase adoptability by teaching cats cute tricks 

  • Reduce fearfulness, increase confidence, and build trust between cat and caregiver

  • Troubleshoot litter box issues

  • Work with aggressive behaviors (swatting, biting, lunging, etc.)

  • Reduce stress attributed to environment (setup, sounds, smells, etc.)

  • Teach cats to calm themselves, using positive reinforcement training

  • Train cats to get into a travel carrier on their own

  • Desensitize fearful cats to being touched/handled

  • Help with introducing foster cats to resident cats 

  • Help with food routine and finding options agreeable to both cat and caregiver

  • Training a cat to voluntarily get onto a scale for weigh-ins

I am more than happy to work with both individual fosters and the rescues they volunteer with. If you are unable to work with my listed rates, please email me so we can work something out that is agreeable to all.

Virtual Coaching Session - $ 

  • All available history (both behavioral and medical) for the cat/kitten must be emailed to me 1 week prior to the scheduled call.

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