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Coming Soon!

Friday Foster Forum

Being a cat foster is AMAZING! But it can also be very confusing, isolating, and even frustrating. I have been fostering cats since 2013 and while I don't have an exact count of how many cats I've helped, I foster multiple cats and kittens every year. I've had litters of kittens, many bottle babies, and a good handful of adults and kittens that have come to me for socialization and training help. My favorite cats/kittens to work with are those who are fearful of humans and need help understanding how to communicate with us (after all, humans are much more complex than cats are!). I help teach cats to understand that I respect their boundaries, and I do that through reading their body language and by teaching them clicker training. As a foster, you can do all of these things too! Much of what I do will be discussed in this weekly foster forum which I have created as a safe space for cat fosters to discuss challenges, learn new tips and tricks, and really begin to understand our foster cats. Twice a month I host a Zoom meeting for anyone who wants to learn about a pre-chosen foster topic (announced each month in my newsletter and Instagram/Facebook accounts).

When & Where?

On the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month I will hold a virtual meeting via Zoom. We will generally meet on Fridays at 7PM PST. Some weeks I may choose a different day/time to meet, if I have a prior engagement and need to move it. All participants will be notified via email about any changes, and I will also post it on my website's event page, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please note that I'm not particularly active on Facebook, so I may not see your comments (please send me a direct message for any questions, instead of commenting on the post). 

Who Can Join?

The foster forum is for everyone! You don't need to be a cat foster to join and you will learn a LOT, whether you're a brand new foster, a seasoned pro, or a cat guardian who wants to learn more about cats. If you're curious about cat fostering and thinking of getting into it, this is a perfect place to start learning and to hear from other fosters.

Will it be recorded?

Yes! All members will receive an emailed link to the recording. If you cannot attend live, it's all good! I encourage you to attend as many live meetings as possible so that we can all benefit from the discussion, but it you can't make it it's absolutely fine. If you can't make any of the meetings because the day/time doesn't work with your schedule, that's okay too! You'll still benefit from the recordings, and you can watch them any time.

Membership Options:

There are currently two membership options:

  1. Drop-in participants - $10 per meeting

  2. Monthly membership-  $25 per month (includes access to all Cats & Coffee Club meetings)

If you're unsure whether you want to be a monthly member, then be sure to  join my newsletter to find out each month's list of upcoming meeting topics and choose one to try out! Monthly membership can be canceled at any time. 

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