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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Kindred Cat Club

Are you ready to be part of a tribe of cat-loving kindred spirits? Each month I'll be hosting several online Zoom meeting events for anyone who wants to learn & participate. Events will be announced each month in my newsletter and will be posted on my Events page. Topics include a wide variety of subjects surrounding cat behavior, body language, foster care, nutrition, physical and emotional health, energy healing, inter-cat relationships, and more!

Types of Events

Each month I will host multiple online events that will be about 1 hour each. I expect these events to evolve over time, but as of right meow, the regularly occurring events I plan to host include:

  • Cats & Coffee - A casual Saturday morning meeting to discuss various cat topics

  • Foster Forum - A meeting to support cat fosters and cover topics specific to fostering

  • Train & Talk - These meetings will feature a behavior to train, then we'll discuss the steps

  • Wild Wellness - Here we'll focus on cats as wild beings with specific needs, and how we can support them in a home environment


I also plan to host various events with other cat-oriented professionals who can help educate us about their area of expertise!


Who Can Join?

Kindred Cat Club events are for everyone! (You don't even need to have a cat to join, since these meetings are excellent for anyone who is thinking about becoming a cat guardian.) All of these events are particularly perfect for all cat guardians and cat/kitten fosters, regardless of how much experience you have with cats.

Will it be recorded?

Yes! All attendees will receive a link to the recording. If you cannot attend live, it's all good! I encourage you to attend as many live meetings as possible so that we can all benefit from the discussion, but it you can't make it, it's absolutely fine. You'll still benefit from the recordings, and you can watch them at any time.


I am currently offering the following options:

  1. Regular attendees - $25 per meeting 

  2. Monthly membership - $40 per month

    • Includes access to all Kindred Cat Club online events

    • Members will also receive 25% off any future larger-scale webinars or events

    • Click HERE to become a member!

  3. Fosters - If you are a cat foster, please email me for a discount code :) 

If you're unsure whether you want to be a monthly member, then be sure to check out my Events page to find out each month's list of upcoming meeting topics and choose one to try out! You should also join my newsletter to stay updated about upcoming events and happenings. Monthly membership can be canceled at any time. If you have any questions or issues, please email me at

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