Kindred Cat Services

Behavior Coaching & Training

I help a limited number of people with behavioral concerns and training needs. My specialty is working with fearful cats and kittens, but I can help with a variety of behavioral needs. Please email me if you're interested in learning more.

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Instagram Education & Live Videos

If you're on Instagram, be sure to follow me @thekindredcat. I host a variety of IG Lives with guest speakers and topics all about cat behavior and wellness. I also post many of my training videos with my own cats and foster cats/kittens. This is a great place to learn for free!

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Cooperative Nail Care

I offer low stress nail trims to guardians who live near Carlsbad, or who live along my route to my part-time job in Bay Park, San Diego. I'm not comfortable with using force, and so I take my time to work with each cat. I use treats and I am happy to be wherever the cat is most comfortable. In holding true to my "fear free" philosophy and certification, my goal is to safely work with your cat to create a low stress nail trim experience.

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I am currently working on creating more services, so please keep checking back. I am in the process of big time creative change, and these things cannot be rushed ;)