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Nail Care

I offer nail trims to guardians who have trouble trimming their cat's nails, but don't prefer to put their cat through the trauma of going to the vet just for this service. I take my time to trim your cat's nails and I strive to make them as comfortable as possible during the trim. This can take up to 45 minutes, depending upon the individual cat. I always aim for a low stress nail trim. If I come over and your cat has made it clear that this isn't going to happen, then we can explore training with your cat to better accept nail care. 

All new nail care clients must set up a phone call with me so that I can assess whether your cat is a potential candidate for my services (not all cats will be). You must be willing to help hold your cat, should an extra pair of hands be necessary. 

- Rates -

  • $35 for up to 30 minutes (as many nails as cat will allow)

  • $45 for up to 45 minutes (as many nails as cat will allow)

  • $25 flat fee for the visit, regardless of whether your cat is willing to participate in a nail trim. We will discuss your other options during the visit. 

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