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Trying out Vital Essentials frozen rabbit entrée

Today I tested out Vital Essentials frozen Rabbit Entrée for cats, which you can find HERE.

Ingredients: Rabbit, rabbit liver, rabbit heart, rabbit kidney, goat’s milk, herring oil, d-alpha tocopherol (source of Vitamin E)

It took about 24 hours to fully thaw out this 14oz tub. For Yeti (I feed for a 10lb cat), I calculated that I needed 1.8oz per feeding, for a total of two feedings per day. To measure out your food, I always recommend using a food scale so you can be exact. This will prevent you from feeding too much or too little. It will also help you to save money, if you're like me and you otherwise tend to feed a little too much.

I like to use an electric tea kettle to heat up spring water and sprinkle a little into the food to warm it up. Most cats dislike eating cold food straight from the fridge. Consider that the internal body temperature of a mouse (a popular prey animal for cats) is about 100 degrees F. Be sure to add any supplements after you warm up the food, and not before.

Yeti loved this food!

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