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Kindred Services

Kindred Cat Club

Every month I'll be hosting a variety of online meetings that feature a variety of topics including behavior, training, health, nutrition, the human-cat bond, and more! There is no limit to what we may discuss, and suggestions for future meeting topics are welcome. At least one meeting per month is tailored to cat fosters, since fostering is my jam. :D Events will include Cats & Coffee Saturdays, Training Talks, Foster Forum, Wild Wellness, and more!

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Transition to Canned or Raw Food

It typically takes a good amount of patience and persistence to switch a cat from dry food over to a moisture-based diet. But we know it's SO much better for the cat's quality and longevity of life. I can coach you through this transitional process by meeting with you virtually and walking you through a custom food transition plan, customized to your goals.

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Cooperative Nail Care

I offer low stress nail trims to guardians who live near Carlsbad, or who live along my route to my part-time job in Bay Park, San Diego. I'm not comfortable with using force, and so I take my time to work with each cat. I use treats and I am happy to be wherever the cat is most comfortable. In holding true to my "fear free" philosophy and certification, my goal is to safely work with your cat to create a low stress nail trim experience.

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Instagram Education & Live Videos

If you're on Instagram, be sure to follow me @thekindredcat. I host a variety of IG Lives with guest speakers and topics all about cat behavior and wellness. I also post many of my training videos with my own cats and foster cats/kittens. This is a great place to learn for free!

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